also starting now this year we will be blurring out faces + usernames so yall can stop complaining about that issue

we really care, here at bestofnanowrimo

Anonymous said: I follow this blog and I've been pretty adamantly anti-NaNo for the past couple years (because who needs a story where half of the words are just silly ploys to hit word count) but I'm thinking of joining this year. I write every day anyway and I have friends that are doing it (and I guess it'd be nice to solidly focus on one project for a month). Am I being a hypocrite? I'd write either which way but it'd be nice to be in a community with my online friends who aren't TOO concerned with wordcoun

oh yeah guys this blog is no longer engaging in the act of dispensing writing advice b/c that was pedantic as hell and got annoying very fast last year

so do what you want homey, who cares

~~get ready…. tomorrow is the day~~

~~get ready…. tomorrow is the day~~